6 Ways to extreme dating

 Many modern men are absolutely not able to meet. All that they can do - is to leave the profile on a dating site or "wink" in the hope that the woman herself will make the first move. And she does, only more extreme ways.

Method №1. "Fasten immediately"

On the street a lot of men and treat them terribly. So try to act cleverly and sure. For example, go to the coffee shop, choose a suitable candidate, wait, when he retired to the men's room, and go after them. On the way to quickly unzip chic evening dress or a chain tangle in your hair, wait for it to come out, and with a view defenseless ask for help. In gratitude can offer him dinner together or give him a false business card with your name and phone number. If a man is free, rest assured that the introduction will take place.

Method №2. "Catching the wheels"

If you drive a car, you can go to extreme measures: riding up to the car or DIY stores, can puncture the tire and ask for nice man to help you, or pretend to be a beginner and ask the driver to park your car. In gratitude, you can safely invite him for a cup of coffee.

Method №3. "Traffic accident"

Traffic congestion few people are pleased. But it can be used. Selected a suitable man, car park or departing from the parking lot, pretend he touched you, and plaintively Dramatize pain that he drove you home. And then - all at your fingertips.

Method №4. "Football"

Most men can not imagine their life without football, and hence much of his free time on the football field. Do not miss not one mast, select the objects and actions.

Method №5. "Provocation"

Flirty look and innocent smile often provoke men to explore. Do a better job in a cafe or restaurant, then a better chance to succeed.

Method №6. "You want me to do"

Many men do not understand the allusions and views. In this case, onset is necessary. There are many phrases that can lead to an acquaintance. For example, directly ask Do in man. Happiness is in the hands of a woman, and not have to wait until it finds you on its own, and we must act.

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