6 deep holes on the road to love

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 Love - the feeling that there is a place in everyone's life, at any age, in any condition. Consciously or unconsciously, everyone runs to him, eager to experience it, to love yourself and feel the warmth of the other. However, on the way to love gets a lot of obstacles and difficulties. Almost couple must survive for at least six complex crisis periods.  

The first hole on the way to love lurks you very soon, within six weeks after the start of the relationship. Enchantment romance scattered, and suddenly begin to pick out not the most pleasant outlines household boat. And it is no longer ruled by the Prince without flaws, for which you were married, but quite ordinary people, with their "cockroaches". Are you ready to accept them, or create an image of this expensive? Check yourself, because there is still an opportunity to turn back and do "low-loss". Or your heart more real life, not a fairy tale? Then feel free to continue journey together.

Eight months - this is a pretty serious time. It is associated with the new stage of the crisis. As a rule, during which time the partners have formed the ultimate confidence in the seriousness of not only feelings, but also intentions. It is understanding that you exist not separately, which are two of you, and each takes place in the heart of the second half. Are you ready to live not only for themselves but also for the other? Are taken into account his interests and desires along with their own? Are not only meet, but to be together? Not all are able to answer yes to these questions.

A short break in the year and a half long, and you before the next pit. Your relationship for two and a half years, what can threaten them? At this time the particular physiology - namely, reduction in the activity of hormones. After serving a source of joy and sex appeal, by the time they themselves are in need of nourishment. And it can be done, if you try to relive the period of love. Give each other a little rest after spending the weekend apart, start their own business. Soon you will begin to miss its second half, but it's just another reason to arrange a romantic date in the same restaurant where you once met?

If you have overcome all three crisis period, the next you face only when the relationship turns four years. This mark is highly conditional, and due to the fact that on average, it is to this period of a couple of stops to bind them have already appeared in the child: he Stanoev old enough to not require constant attention, goes to kindergarten or simply brought up by grandparents. Sudden emptiness evokes a feeling of insecurity and alienation. Try to find a common hobby or just to spend free time together.

The most incomprehensible pit on the road to love is waiting for you seven years after the beginning of the relationship. The reasons for it are still unknown. What happens during this period, why is growing desire to break up? Questions remain open. Just try to get through this period, and even better - just do not tune into it. Who said that you're sure to run into him? Why do not you become a happy exception? Do not think of the pits, and not get into them.

It is believed that the last serious crisis stage are 12 years of marriage. And the reason becomes the desire to find something new, or rather - the fear that in your life you have all experienced. Are you ready to spend the rest of his life routine? No? Change it. But this does not necessarily destroy the family: Take a trip to visit the theater, pluck from the usual routine. Your partner probably will support you in an attempt to fill the marriage new strength.

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