10 ways to please

10 ?
 Like the ability is important not only in romantic or sexual games. On Do you people depend on relationships with colleagues and relatives of the husband, business meetings and personal contacts. Like - then make a person warm and sincere feelings, position it to yourself.

Very easy, we call such feelings of relatives and friends. Communication with other people sometimes requires concentration and hard work. However, to gain the person is not so difficult:

1. Try to be attractive in appearance, even if nature gave you is not beautiful. Beautiful and well-groomed hair, makeup properly selected, Fit always evoke sympathy. The style of your dress and hairstyle should correspond to the place and time. At work - business, at a party - gala.

2. Keep the beauty of manners and conversation. Keep track of bearing and smooth motion. Do not let yourself obscene gestures and harsh words, even if we are talking about unpleasant to you man.

3. Keep a positive attitude. Smile.

4. Direct and confident look in his eyes counterparts. In your opinion should radiate kindness and interest.

5. Keep your confidence. People always want to stretch and to a man who believes in himself.

6. Respect other people, then they will respect you. Keep your word - come on time.

7. Do not be critical of others. Goodwill will open all the doors will close their fault-finding. Even in business negotiations you align to their partners, if you show them that you understand their point of view. Be able to admit their mistakes.

8. really interested in people. Listen to them as closely as possible, do not interrupt, empathize. Ask questions that require ambiguous answers. Remember that people are not interested in those who are not interested in them. By asking questions, you show your compassion for the other person. Be honest and sincere yourself.

9. Do not be stingy with compliments. They even unconsciously, will accommodate companion to you. Say they are not enthusiastic - avidly, but calmly and confidently. For praise in his address just thank.

10. Do not lose your sense of humor. People feel comfortable with the person who knows how to defuse the situation.

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