Yin and Yang: Who's the Boss?

Yin and Yang: Who's the Boss?
 Who's the Boss - eternal question that finding out a man and a woman. How to get along in the same house, regularly distributed social roles and avoiding the struggle for leadership? Let us consider this question.

Any family - it's a small country. According to most psychologists, the king in this small kingdom yet to be male, strong, courageous, caring. He should take responsibility for everything that happens in his house and that he must obey all households in addressing major issues. Nowadays, however, this traditional patriarchal family is destroyed, because at first the role of a woman comes out.

Can a woman be a perfect head of the family - a rather controversial issue. Psychologists believe that women are more emotional and at the right moment can not cope with sweeping her feelings. Unit of society, in this case simply collapses. Also problematic for women to protect your home from external dangers, because for historical traditions - it is the duty of the husband.

So what makes a man to maintain a leading position in the family? First, the democratic exercise. If the head of the family in all disputes hears only himself, he can become a tyrant, and this will inevitably destroy the family. Secondly, a man should provide materially for his family, to be the main breadwinner. If a woman does all the household chores, and then another, and toiling at work, while the spouse is having fun, such a family will inevitably disintegrate.

The man still has to remain the master of the house. This means that you need to go into all the problems of everyday life, doing small and large repairs, pay bills, a little bit to work with children, not shifting all this work on the shoulders of women.

So, to become a master in his own house, it is necessary - as it is obvious paradox! - Be them. Do not revel in its significance, not enjoy the role of a leader, and really engage in their home. In this case, the family remains strong, and the question: who is in charge? will go by the wayside.

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