Wrong ... Loving

Wrong ... Loving
 When we love, we feel that we are able to make your loved one just pleasant. We tried to surround him with care, attention, to devote all his spare time and make every effort to ensure that it was good. We did not even ask him if he needs in such portions of care and attention, and often wrong, loving, reaching quite the opposite effect.

Love a person is not to be constantly with him. Even if both of you are very bored, you need a rest from each other, giving his partner time to be alone. In the event that he clearly wants to temporarily retreat, do not break it. Respect the personal space of each other. As noted by couples who have lived together for a long time, the marriage helped to keep everyone's right to privacy and personal life.

Even if you do not like the attention that have your favorite person of the opposite sex, and you sincerely jealous and suffer from this, do not roll up scandals and tantrums, do not try to monitor and prevent such attention. Trust yourself and your partner, do not spend the time that you could spend happy together, an unnecessary showdown with the requirements of vows of eternal love.

Do not try to protect his beloved from socializing with friends and, especially, their parents or relatives. Better make sure that you and he took with him to the meetings. How would you not like to be alone, not to protect him from those contacts that he needs, in any case, he will continue to communicate, but will be forced to lie, knowing that you do not like. Why should teach him bad?

Do not deprive his favorite pastime, if extreme sports fanatic, or likes to spend time in the garage, he does it because he likes it and your society is unlikely to replace him so much pleasure. Does not oppose his enthusiasm, you have to the contrary, be a part of those pleasures which it affords. Ideally, you'd better even share his hobby, or at least, to show interest in him, so that he could share with you their successes and achievements in this field.

If you are overwhelmed with love, anyway, leave all the affectionate nickname and intimate tone to the moment when you will be alone. Should not lisp with him in front of strangers, as any man does not want to cause ridicule, but that is how it will happen.

And do not drive him away to places where he does not really want to go. Even if you really want to show it to her friends and family, do not drag it to where it is bored or not interested.

Less selfish than you behave in relation to his love, the stronger the response sense to you.

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