What kind of men you should not choose?

What kind of men you should not choose?
 A common mistake women - to expect that the man will change for the sake of the relationship. Indeed, in the life of satellites already selected adults with established habits and outlooks on life. However, there are such instances, from which not run without hesitation.

Chauvinist. Calculate representative of this category is quite simple. Firstly, he kept too cocky, a little condescending towards you. Secondly, every now and then slip jokes on "All women, fools! "Or talk about that a woman's place in the kitchen. When it comes to his ex-girlfriend, then they probably are minded individuals with a low level of morality.

Your failure will certainly be perceived aggressive, especially if the man has "invested" in the relationship. After spending even a small amount, for example, paying dinner, chauvinist would insist on reciprocal service. Therefore it is better to tear abruptly, without unnecessary sentiments and explanations. In any case, the stream of curses and insults to your address guaranteed.

The most dangerous subtype chauvinist - rapist. Such a man seeks to completely limit your freedom to control the lives and emotions. From the start, it shows jealousy worthy of Shakespeare's Othello. At first, this attitude can flatter, but you remember what ended notorious tragedy?
It happens that the bans imposed on communication with friends and even parents, and ten minutes late from work equivalent to treason. The abuser does not hesitate to use their physical superiority: slapping, spanking and even strokes in full force. To live with such a tyrant, you should not!

Womanizer. The representatives of this category are able to look beautiful, to say the right words and make beautiful things. But do not count on a long-term relationship. Its main goal - to win you. But soon after this womanizer go in search of a new unconquered "top". If you notice that a potential partner flirts with everyone, not hesitating appreciates the charm of passing girls, and your relationship gradually limited communication in bed, you know - from the man waiting for nothing. Women often fall into the trap, hoping that macho suddenly become a great family man and stop chasing the each skirt. But such naivete is rarely justified.

Alphonse. First dates can be close to the ideal of flowers, a restaurant, a good wine. However, one day he suddenly forgets wallet at home, and you will have to pay the full dinner. Or it will start to take you a small amount, of course, forgetting to give. Or maybe the poor man has nowhere to live, and invited to visit for a week, he delayed in your home for many months. In any case, as soon as you feel that the man is trying to settle comfortably on your neck - you chase it away.

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