Treason favorite in the Internet ...

Treason favorite in the Internet ...
 At present, virtually every home has a computer and internet access. For all its obvious advantages, is that it is the cause of discord in the family.

Increasingly, their free time people spend communicating on the network. You can treat this differently: as entertainment, the need to find the right information. But how to deal with the fact that your man changes you on the Internet?

In general, what can be expressed thus changing? Communication - is, first of all the time and attention given to another person. Modern men do not indulge their halves excessive attention. While the woman is vital! It should feel like a woman should feel the eyes of the beloved, to hear compliments, etc. Only then she's happy as a couple. The woman lives with positive emotions. A situation where a loved attention does not belong to her, and the other, even in the virtual space, the woman perceives as a betrayal.

A man pulls another woman carries her unknown and inaccessible. He is interested in so that it ceases to notice a woman who is next. Even in the absence of physical contact, it changes. The ratio of men to this can be quiet - he's at home (at work), never walks. Communicating on the Internet, he enjoys freedom, which for him is very important.

In this situation, a woman must decide how to treat this treason. A scene of jealousy often useless and only aggravate the situation. You can talk openly and honestly with your loved ones, if possible quietly. Men do not like scandals. You can ask him to put yourself in his place, to ask how he would have felt himself at the same time. It is necessary to find out what it lacks. If he values ​​the existing relationship, he makes a step forward.

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