The most common unfulfilled promises

The most common unfulfilled promises
 Have you ever give herself a promise: to start from Monday to play sports or to quit smoking in the new year? And then it happened there to accomplish? There are the most common promises that people give themselves and deceive themselves without performing them. Why is this happening and how to cope with this problem? It is necessary to understand that finally all the promises fulfilled.

I lose weight by ten pounds!
Achieving this goal without risk to health will take you for a year, if not more. In order to achieve this goal necessarily, remember that any project easier to carry out, breaking it down into small steps. To start Set a goal to lose weight by 5-10%. Enter useful habits gradually. First, pay attention to what you eat, your health will improve soon. Then pick up for themselves an individual diet. Be sure to take into account when drawing up its seasonal products. It will be easier to comply with diet if you want vegetables or fruit will be available at any time.

I completely redeveloped!
And could you once and for all get rich at will? Eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to go to the store on the way to work and buy, for example, a bag of carrots or cleaned a couple of apples. This will help avoid the snack chips, cakes or harmful fast food. Gradually get used to eat all natural, eliminate preservatives and refined foods such as white flour, white sugar, refined oils. Eat when you really want to, and do not confuse hunger and thirst. Drink a glass of water with lemon juice and five minutes later consider whether you really want to eat.

I give up smoking!
You have tried to quit, but do not really decided, than we can replace the habit. It is better to visit a doctor and advise how to quit smoking for you. With the help of patches, inhalers, pills, or homeopathy. Mark the exact date and give yourself about a week to get used to the idea. Make inconvenient the process of smoking. Find a place without a TV, sofa and other amenities. Try to smoke on the dingy stairwell at work go smoke outside. So you do not smoke out of boredom. Remain exactly as cigarettes, as needed by the body. After that, it will be easier to decide whether to risk health for the sake of three cigarettes a day.

I always stop to eat chocolate!
The reason for the failure is that the complete rejection of anything leads to mental disorders and even smacks of a concentration camp. Know the measure of everything. Occasionally dessert indulge yourself just permissible, sometimes drinking a glass of red wine at dinner or stay in bed till noon on weekends. Replace chocolate candies with dried fruits and nuts, and tea spoon, add honey.

I'm going to play sports every morning!
In the morning, not that hard to run, but just get out of bed. Especially if you have children or you live far from work. Enough to visit twice a week fitness club or swimming pool. Learn at work, perhaps your company to the restoration of employees signed an agreement with a nearby fitness center. Or rents the gym three times a week at the nearest school. Find like-minded people and take advantage of this opportunity. In addition to physical activity at home at least twice a week. This load will be enough.

Learn to adapt to circumstances, and then nothing will stop you to achieve any purpose.

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