Men's fears

Men's fears
 What words come to mind at the mention of this man? Certainly, one of the first - a strong, brave, fearless. It has long been believed that fear is the lot of women, the man did not have to be afraid of anything. In fact, the stronger sex is not immune to fear, they just hide it so thoroughly that women truly believe in their exceptional courage.

Perhaps one of the most popular men's fears is the loss of a job or the opportunity to work. We can assume that this fear is rooted in ancient times, when it was a man to get food and feed my family. Despite the fact that today the wife to work alongside their husbands, those tend to be the main breadwinner of the family and earn more than their partner. Loss of a job, and even worse, the opportunity to work (eg disability) from the point of view of the male subconscious threatens the existence of the family.

Perhaps this is why in the male brain lives and another fear - of the disease. Remember how your favorite moped from the common cold or worried about indigestion. Rather, he is simply afraid to be seriously ill and helpless.

Men are afraid of old age. Not because the skin is covered with wrinkles, and hair posedeyut. The fact that old age as a disease brings with impotence and inaction. Although wrinkles, of course, also an unpleasant thing.

Fairly common male fear is the fear of failure to repeat his father. In particular, to reflect on such topics tend to those whose parents worked all his life in one job for a pittance, were under the heel of their wives or abused alcohol.

It should be noted male fear of failure in bed. It is worth even the most experienced macho once fiasco, and he will long remember and fear a repetition of the situation. By the way, these thoughts can cause another slip.

To the common man's fears could be considered as the fear of losing their freedom and personal space. You've probably come across a situation where a man has equipped a "den" - held part of the apartment as an office or doing the room gym. In this case, your appearance in the area was considered very inappropriate. Some representatives of the strong half of mankind do not allow her friends to read their diaries, look in the phone just because they need at least a small piece of personal space. Most obsessed with this fear never marry.

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