In a world of illusions

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 We all live in a world of illusions. Even the most hardened realists are in the thrall of their own perceptions of reality and of themselves. Fight this pointless, as predetermined by the illusion of the human nature and linked to the struggle for existence of the species. Recently, however, whether because of the gravity of the world of globalization, whether in connection with the final and, unfortunately, irreversible accession postulate "Money rules the world and misinformation," the illusion of themselves somehow crushed.

The illusion of great love
Once upon a time, an illusion of great love helped to live and survive for those who have had a huge heart, but there was no real object for worship and adoration. As an example, the same Don Quixote, driven partly crazy, partly illusory her feelings for Dulcinea and the fight against windmills. Over the centuries, its mysterious figure serves as a justification to those who fought against an imaginary opponent. However, in Cervantes's mind was something quite different: to show the poverty of the spirit of those who do not have the ability to create for themselves such an illusion. Now, windmills and Dulcinea replaced crowds of fans and fans, sometimes warring. And only coming together in a concert hall and the stadium, they can create the illusion of love. Until the end of the show.

The illusion of home and family
But the concept of "home" and "family" had not related to the field of illusory. Now the concept of the family is gradually declining and, at best, is perceived as a clan where all tied financial and economic relations. As for the house, his well-being is no less dependent on the material welfare of its owner. An observer says: "House - a full cup" completely lost sight of the origin of this expression. So used to be called "the house of mourning," is a "full cup" of suffering, and not the drinking to the bottom. And even if the owner of the gorgeous mansion and turn it into a super-modern palace, the essence will not change: the illusion of the house is not able to give people peace of mind.

The illusion works
If our ancestors did work, both physically and intellectually, creating a new world for themselves and their children, our generation is gradually transformed into material for patching holes in the once grandiose material and non-material objects. Even online, at one time conceived as a global information network, has almost turned into a patched suit wandering magician on a permanent restoration of the clock which employs millions of people.

The illusion of success
What does it mean to be successful in today's world? Put together one knows what the account million? Be the star of show business? Have a hundred and one percent of the vote? Only if this popularity can profitably sell - no more. Hundreds of thousands of charismatic people are fighting like a fish on the ice, in order to join the success. However, the insight to them sometimes comes too late (if at all reach their blinkered consciousness): a real success - like expensive wine, and you can try it, only giving up the short-term benefits for the sake of something truly great.

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