How to find and keep love

How to find and keep love
 Love and be loved - it is a dream of most people. Some for the sake of achieving it are ready to sacrifice a lot, but even they can not always keep the love. Unfortunately, this feeling passes quickly, if not above it hard to work every day.
 Before talking about the preservation of love, you need to meet her in my life. While this sense of the sublime and often comes unexpectedly, it can contribute to the appearance. What do I need to do? First of all you need to love yourself. Agree that if a person does not radiate love and not feel her to him, he can not give it to others. In addition you absolutely need to work on their personal qualities, because they characterize you as a person and therefore attract or repel. Of course, pay attention to the visual appeal faster than on the inside, but only the latter largely determines whether to continue the relationship.

If the same address the issue of conservation of love, it is worth noting that this needs to work two of them.

Show interest in each other. The only way you can know what is happening in the life of your partner and, if necessary, to exercise participation and support him.

Communicate regardless of employment. Choose your preferred time of day for both, in order to talk about what happened to you during the day. Candid exchange of ideas will unite you.

Be respectful and considerate. Very often it is the lack of respect being destroyed relationships and kill love. After all, what kind of love can there be if a woman, for example, constantly nags and complains, and the man makes decisions without consulting, and ridicules the shortcomings in other women.

Do not leave unresolved problems in the relationship. Of course, in a tense situation is reasonable to wait until feelings poulyagutsya. But it is not necessary to turn a blind eye to serious differences and to postpone discussion on the back burner, because over time the conflict temporarily forgotten, and at the next quarrel comes up with new negative emotions.

Love - this is one of the most important senses in a person's life, so do not invest time and effort in order to find and save her.

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