He's gone, but I do not pay

He's gone, but I do not pay
 So many events are perceived by people in a certain emotional context only by force of habit. Thus, dismissal, the need to move, discord in the family - all these events are often experienced as negative, simply because they are symbols of failure. However, it should ignore the stereotypes and look at them more objectively: you will realize that the end - it's really just the beginning of the next phase.  

Vividly false negative attitude towards change emerges in situations of parting with a partner. Why, if you left a husband or fiancé, do not cry, upset and scold yourself? There are a couple of reasons.

The first reason: the past.

You can not forgive himself for his carelessness, stupidity, short-sightedness (insert can be filled with almost any negative word) that led this man to spend on the best hours, days and months of your life? You want to turn back the clock? Stay. Is it when your relationship is just beginning, it was all a bad thing? Is nothing good and light, to remember? Certainly to a certain point it was full of romance and fairy tale. Your life was a good supply of happy memories, so allow yourself to enjoy them, store them deep inside.

You must be able to use what we have now. This man was intended you to hold together a certain period of time. He finished, but can we consider it lost? Of course not, if you use all that has happened, for their own purposes. Leave good memories intact, and bad ... remember as a lesson. In the end, thanks to all the events - and the negative and positive - you have been for what you have now - a strong, stubborn, independent, self-sufficient.

Reason two: the present.

Just yesterday you were crying from causing them injury. You hurt indifference or you suffer from awareness of betrayal. Today, no one else cause you to hurt - unless it is an occasion for tears? You are free from control by the need to care for someone who does not appreciate this.

Even if the gap is not associated with any specific reason, and you just stopped to find a common language with the man, his departure should not hurt you. Would it be better to suffer the most and watch his torment? Maybe you still love him. But then the more let him go with a smile instead of tears for him if the gap seems the best solution, if he be pleased with this output, then you should not be bad. It is difficult to learn the joys of a loved one, when you are from this, nothing win, but such skill worth many difficulties.

Reason Three: The Future.

Allowing himself a little (just a couple of hours - days maximum) to fall into melancholy, shake and look around. You have formed a large amount of time and with it - and the opportunity to do themselves, their interests. Use it to maximum advantage.

You have the unique chance to realize those dreams that previously seemed unattainable. You can register for sewing classes or riding, parachuting, go to the theater. You can read your favorite books and watch new movies.

Not to mention the fact that you can afford lain in bed all day, enjoying a glossy magazine in the company with a delicious cake. Once admitted, such a pleasure will not bring any harm to your figure, but will bring a lot of positives.

You are absolutely free and open to new adventures in your life. And among them there is certainly a place and a new love that will happen when the time comes for her.

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