Sex in 10 touches

Sex in 10 touches
 Choosing a place for kissing in the correct sequence in step goodbye, the next morning you can wake up with my girlfriend in bed. Women have on your body sites, correctly using which you can bring some fun. But you need to touch at the right time, or to have sex, you can not count.

1. At a meeting Woman kiss on both cheeks. This will be the best start dates for courtship, a little lull her vigilance and help ease her defensive position.

2. On the way to the rendezvous (during the lively conversation) lightly touch her arm just above the elbow. This gesture should be a guide and will help to establish the nature of body contact, without any hint of sexuality. She should get used to the touch, and was able to continue to trust.

3. In a restaurant or any other institution help the girl to remove outer clothing. During this gently touch her shoulder. This would establish a confidential contact and set up on the beloved romance. Touch on the shoulder allows you to tell your love and sincerity.

4. Touch the hand to her back in the time when you send it to book a table. Touching should be unobtrusive and undemanding. The back is considered a big erogenous zone, which at the same time is not any area that requires a special invitation.

5. After your meal, you can move on to more decisive action. Gently take her hand inner surface closer to the wrist, which is one of the most sensitive areas on her body. Make it better, telling anything.

6. Tell us some joke. During gestures accidentally touch her hand, where there is a large number of nerve endings.

7. The output of the institution gently and unobtrusively take her around the waist. In no case did not disturb the stomach, because it is not the most favorite place of any person, especially after a meal.

8. Some taxi, open the door for her, pick up the hand and help her sit up. This is a friendly gesture that will help relieve tension after a rather compulsive touching the waist.

9. Take a trip to a bar or a club. Your goal - to gently stroke her knee, or rather the top of the eggs and the popliteal fossa. These areas are very erogenous and not accustomed to stimulation. Proper action finally arrange a girl to you.

10. In a taxi easily swipe their fingers over her hand and take her hand. It must be done so that your fingers intertwined. In fact it is a hint, as if your body were close during sex. Well, now you can ask for a cup of coffee.

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