Cooled? 5 ways to return to their sex life

Cooled? 5 ways to return to their sex life
 You perpetual stress, you paint your day minute by minute. Work, cooking, cleaning, engaging with children - all of these things all day take away all your strength. Alas, the problem faced by many people. After this date you will not want no romance, only to quickly get to the pillow and fall asleep. No former passion and has no smell, you suck "bytovuha."

In such a frantic pace of life is required at least 10 minutes a day to devote himself beloved, just relax and lie down on the couch, read a book or take a warm bath. Try to spend more time in the air, before working together to huddle in crowded public transport, walk a little distance.
Relaxation promotes sex. Regain the passion in a relationship is simple.

1. Your problem may be due to constant complaints. Your husband will never wash their dishes, all the while throwing their belongings. You order it starts to annoy? At the close, when the husband begins to demand sex, explain to him that you do not like. For women, the most important thing in the intima - an understanding on the part of her partner.

2. Often, problems can arise due to busy at work, and an incredible number of cases at home. Once everything is done and cleaned attend only one thought - when you touch the pillow. But! Husband wants intimacy. This is where it all should be well think and plan. If during the week there are a couple of days when you are not too tired hint to my husband that these days you are quite ready to conjugal duty, no matter what occurred insults and recriminations. And on the weekends give children and grandmother, take some time.

3. To arouse passion in a man will also help change the image. Remember, even if you are sitting at home with your child, you should not forget about yourself. No need to wear "babskie 'robes and do coolie on the head. By the time the husband give myself up, dress nice, maybe even a little sexy clothes. In order that my husband was tempted, try to get 40% of your body were discovered. Believe me, he liked it.

4. Will renew passion and a change of scenery: take a trip somewhere together, take some time to. At least for the weekend. Willing to sometimes very helpful relations.

5. Keep in mind that more than half of men are welcome, when the activity of sex comes from women. Read books and do not be afraid to take the initiative - it is very exciting for men.

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