Ceks "through not want to", "for" and "against"

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 After a number of years together, the couple did not avoid problems in sexual life. And the most common cause offense - the absence of a woman's desire to make love and the need for men in the vicinity. In other words, problems occur due to different desires of husband and wife. Of course, you can do and have sex "through not want", but is it worth?

How often do married men to hear: "Honey, not today, I am tired / I have a migraine / not in the mood" and so on. Naturally, his wife will soon get tired of it, and it will start to get angry. And to avoid these unpleasant consequences, a woman tries to overcome itself.

However, the beautiful ladies, be aware that forced sex is not always useful. First, forced proximity may cause dulling sensations. As a result of having sex with her husband become boring, and the thought of them - unpleasant.

Secondly, when the closeness develops into a duty, not a pleasure, a woman's libido is dulled. She can have sex, but do not want it. As a result, it becomes frigid. In addition to sexual problems forced sex can cause and gynecological diseases.

Finally, she simply loses its appeal. If you want sex, it glows from within, that after the forced - look "dull", her mood depressed, there is irritability and apathy.

Yet sex "through not want to" have a positive side. If a woman loves her husband, she may be a bit to try to please him. In the end, so close and forced something can not be named, because it is an offering in the name of love.

Ate the same girl is really a headache, and she did not want to have sex, then here it can help partner. If the husband gives to his wife warm tea, will make her acupressure, just sit around, preserving its peace, the disease after some time will be spent, and proximity will be possible.

When a woman is too tired, and still need to get out of the house, wash the dishes and wash the things she was not up close. However, because it can give way to her husband, and he, in turn, help her clean up the mess.

If my wife just not in the mood, you can trust her husband. Oh, he knows exactly how to set it up for love. The girls just need to not resist, and after a while excitement will come.

Thus, forced affinity is not always negative torque. If you enlist the support and help of a spouse, you can relax and have a great time. In the end, role play, which can make a novelty in the relationship has not been canceled. And included in the game, you will not notice when you are passionate and unbridled desire.

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