Always remain a favorite for the best - just

Always remain a favorite for the best - just
 He catches every word you say, showered with compliments, constantly offering to meet, in love and gentle looking, floods dozens of sms ... And here you are together, it would seem - happiness come. But the favorite finds lessons more interesting and better things. How to avoid this situation and retain the interest of a loved one for yourself?
 The expression "The less we love a woman, the less she likes us" useful not only for men. Women can use the same tactics. Think back to the same axiom "As a woman should always be a mystery." Matter how close you are, sometimes a man must show that you - not a given. And if today you are together, it does not mean that it will now always. Let him remain an incentive to win your attention, love you and show their love.

But do not replay his feelings. Cool girl repel, because man also needs for intimacy and the feeling that he is loved. Secure it to him. Know how to find the right approach to a favorite in any mood. Create it has the best association with you. There is a psychological trick: when you are together and you feel good - you laugh, do something interesting and new, accidentally touch it. So he had the association of all the best to you.

Stay for a loved one interesting. If you have a hobby, work, area of ​​interest, do not let them forget about the relationship. Develop, communicate with different people. So even after a long time you will not be bored with your man. After all, you will always be news, stories, new discoveries. And he will be every time you open for yourself again and again.

Take care of yourself. Remember the first date - you preened as long chosen outfits. Today's favorite, of course, appreciates you not only the appearance. But it will be very nice to see next to a beautiful woman. Especially - in the company of other women. Pride will not allow him to look at other beauties, and of interest to you will be provided for long.

Be better for him. Know how to encourage it in time. Feed him better than others, to please, to show new. Let his best memories will be associated with you. Sometimes turns into an ideal girl - the most loving, caring, the one who can be trusted. And he wants to be the best for you.

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