A man with a problem

A man with a problem
 Men without any problems do not happen, because any dignity inevitably turn deficiencies in some other area. Men who have fewer problems than the average person rarely free. So that this or that problem sooner or later manifest itself.
 The problem with communication - is a professional problem many men working with computers and representatives of some other professions, for whom communication is not required. As a result, he literally runs wild and often can not arrange their personal lives. Even good earnings does not save the situation. To join with him in a serious relationship and keep them to protect his vulnerable emotional sphere. To do this, to show their feelings beautifully and gently, gently touch it, smile, sincerely looking into his eyes. These men often lack emotional impressions. And they do not have domestic comfort. If a woman can give to a man enough feelings and comfort, he wants to stay with her for a long time.

Often there is a problem with earnings. Not all men have the business acumen and enough ambition to earn more than the average. Sometimes even the average salary becomes strip, which he can not take. In this case, it feels very uncomfortable, because nowadays success is directly linked to the level of earnings. What to do if you fell in love with a man is such a problem? We are not talking about the professional unemployed and Alfonso. It is a different problem. So, you love a man with a low income. Anyone in need of some niche expression. If a person can not express themselves in the professional sphere, often it manifests itself in the hobby. Help to make a hobby profession fan of fishing can sell fishing gear, and the man is not of this world - to write books and conduct seminars on spiritual development. Maybe your favorite is better to change the office routine more interesting for him profession - and he will have an incentive to try? And you will be his muse.

Another option - the problem of "uneasy" behavior. Simply put, you like a man, a womanizer. At first glance, it is not a problem, and women. But in fact, this behavior indicates a deep personal problems of man. This usually means that he has a great need for new experiences and fear of responsibility. To keep such a man must have three advantages - to be an extraordinary spirit, with a desire to change and surprise, practical, kind and tolerant to a number of pranks. Jealous possessive with such a person does not get along. However, the brightness of courtship and interesting way of life with him brighten up many of the shortcomings of relations.

All problems can be solved if you do not throw a man one-on-one with the problem. True love will give you the strength to solve problems together.

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