Women's foolishness in the eyes of men

Women's foolishness in the eyes of men
 For many centuries women had to feel the superiority of the stronger sex, of any kind of life is the question. Modern times radically changed the situation, but the male idea of ​​female stupidity still strong, like thousands of years ago.

Indeed, very often modern ladies are accustomed to seeing condescending smile mocking men, the attempts of the fair sex to assert itself in this harsh and hard world. Today, women occupy a special place in virtually all sectors of life, not yielding to men of any level of education or social status, or any other performance quite necessary nowadays criteria. They are responsible and determined, they famously drive cars and operate large companies. However, in their address often showered candid ridicule and accusations of inconsistency with a clear reference to mental capacity.

Fortunately, pragmatic woman's logic, the presence of which so diligently deny men, explains some sense similar attacks infringement of the stronger sex in other aspects of life, rightly taking a similar course of action as a defensive response to the rapidly looming in all areas "matriarchy." Defending their dignity and the right to "a male in the pack," a man uses mockery of female stupidity rather for complacency than in other abusive purposes. And graciously forgiving, women continue to move forward, to their own development and improvement.

However indiscriminately find fault the whole race of men's, like an ardent feminist, and not worth it. After all, if you look, women often give a fair number of occasions to ridicule. Such native ladies' classes as many hours and sometimes fruitless shopping trips, views and tear painfully primitive serials, endless phone calls on the same theme can not be regarded as absurd and meaningless, and therefore stupid. And so, forgetting about their own imperfection, men are willing to smithereens break any statement about the female mind. After all, men enough to catch and formed a successful business woman, easy to manage capital and dozens of powerful subordinates, watching cinematic Brazilian passion, as her immediately fixed "glory" naive and stupid simpleton that immediately raises another explanation: such ridicule - not other than the compensation of male complexes caused by too rapid changes in their social status, every day on the background of the fading of female success and victories.

Nevertheless, whatever the true situation, you can always leave men the right to lovingly laugh at pretty women's nonsense, as a kind of comfort and satisfaction of their own ego.

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