What women want in men change

What women want in men change
 Some women believe that the perfect man is impossible to find, so you need to raise it. They believe that every person can change, we need only to want. What does not suit women in their chosen one?

First on the list of qualities, who reported to have a real macho, be deep mind. Women stubbornly believe that having a high intellectual level, their choice will be able not only to understand them, but also to provide the material.

Among the vices of men hated leader irrepressible sexual activity. By itself, the hot temper - this is good, shame that it applies not only to the same one only, but also in virtually all women around. Moderate appetite sexual activist - the dream of many generations of faithful wives.

Quite often, a woman finds her man weak and unable to protect her. She wants to see him on the one hand a strong-willed, able to make decisions, and on the other - gentle and caring. This combination not often found in life.

He can not make money. It is known that, no matter how many men earn money at home does not happen much. And her husband's neighbor somehow always higher salary. Yes, something to strive for.

He does not care enough about the children. Men happily leave the ladies responsible for the care of the kids. Sometimes they sincerely believe that this is no big deal. Typically, these illusions collapsing after a day spent without the woman in the company of young offspring.

His body is far from perfect. It's no secret that after 30 years, many of the stronger sex cease to pay attention to their appearance. Ladies do not get tired to convince the gentlemen that, although the woman loves the ears and it has nothing against the "cubes" on the belly of the elect.

Remember that to change the adult male is very difficult. For it is not enough only female desire, and need another strong motivation on his part. However, the desire for self-improvement inherent in every human being. If loving union both strive for the ideal, the desire to remake each other simply does not arise.

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