What a woman needs a man

What a woman needs a man
 "What does he see in her? "- Ask each other surprised friends looking at new husband, proudly walking arm in arm with his homely wife. Modern women are used to set the external data in the first place with a list of male preference, but the stronger sex need not only beautiful wrapper. What do men want from their wonderful companions?

One of the essential qualities of the "ideal" woman - the ability to listen. And listen with genuine interest, strongly expressing their approval, but better - admiration. When your husband starts talking, you should stop for a moment all the cases, showing how important it is for you what he says. Even if uninteresting and tedious conversation, but the man's eyes burn and he can not wait to tell you about something, try to feel the emotions of a loved one. The ability to listen to the end, without interrupting, criticizing, not giving hints and tips, men are very highly valued in their beautiful half.

A woman should be a friend, lover, wife, finally, but in any case not a "mommy." Oddly enough, this is a fairly common model of relations: women seek around to take care of her husband, without giving a single step "under the wing". It is not surprising that men very quickly forget about such concepts as responsibility for the family, the ability to make decisions, and completely sit on the neck of marital property. On the other hand, this tactic of female behavior can lead to resistance to her husband, and then - the constant conflicts and quarrels. Remember that your companion - an adult who is able to decide for himself what he wear and what to eat lunch.

Needless to say, that man needs a sensual woman? Harmony in bed - one of the main components of a strong relationship. Try to not only respond to the affection of her husband, but also take the initiative. Especially, according to sexologists own actions give birth in bed is much stronger than your partner's actions. It is not necessary to deny a man in sex due to household chores. After all, he might think (rightly so!) That the pots and pans is more important than himself. If you do not have time to deal with household chores, you should ask for help a loved one, hinting at the reward that awaits him after.

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