Treason as unconditioned reflex

Treason as unconditioned reflex
 By definition, the scientists of the world, unconditioned reflexes are separate reactions lower nervous activity. It should be noted that the lower nervous activity is defined as the congenital form, and the highest - how acquired through life experience. Is not it interesting definition?

Now let's look at one of the most controversial human actions, recurring during the family life in this way. Will focus on the changes as unconditioned reflexes.

Immediately the question arises on the basis of the above-described definition: is betrayal inherent in human nature initially (ie, nature)? Is this true? Try to understand.

Why the change? What is its nature? Why or why initially loving people go to commit adultery? Issues more than enough, and they do not find a clear definition of the responses from ancient times.

You can certainly be regarded as a betrayal of the unconditioned reflex, based on the assertion that man was originally created as a polygamous entity that is constantly looking for someone to fertilize in order to continue its own genus (and of all mankind as well).

If you rely on this statement it is, of course, as a betrayal of the unconditioned reflex laid down at the level of instinct. And then everything is quite justified! Anyway, from the strong half of our society.

But again the question arises: Is in the minds of men, nothing has changed since the dawn of time, when people lived like animals - in packs? Yes, if indeed there is such a need to prevent the degeneration of the tribe. After all, most likely they have always been less than required to provide each individual the fair sex male individual.

But now, in our time, when society seems to be great to have changed, and men have ceased to play a dominant role in it, to explain the betrayal as unconditioned reflex can be a stretch.
Most likely, it is not only in the unconditioned reflex, but also in the fact, as far as man is able to think not only about the momentary satisfaction of their own needs, but also the responsibility to someone you love.

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