Mistakes on the first date

Mistakes on the first date
 The success of the development of relations between men and women depends on many factors: the ability of both sides to position themselves to each other, to look beautiful and to support each other in difficult times, and many others, as well as from the first meeting. Not for nothing on the first date I want to show their best side, to make the best impression. Successfully passed the first date - the key to the development of good relations in the future.  

However, despite the desire and efforts of all the efforts, often the first date goes wrong, as we would like, and does not give positive results. In order to prevent this from happening, you should avoid some of the most common mistakes.

If you are going on a first date, of course, you should definitely think about your appearance and wardrobe. No need to dress exclusively in dress uniform. It is better if the clothes will be more casual, but emphasize the elegance and taste of its host or hostess. And extra pretentiousness may impress some boastfulness. At the same time, it is undesirable to put on quite everyday and casual wear. Still appearance should show respect for the person with whom an appointment. And, then, you need some way to emphasize the importance of meeting clothing. We should not forget that beauty, fitting into the situation and the place has not been canceled. And, of course, cleanliness is paramount.

Also on the first date and avoid some of the pitfalls associated with the manner of communication and content of the conversation. Do not need at the first meeting to tell the other person about the possible health problems or troubles in the family. It is better to tell us about their hobbies, lifestyle. This will be great if in the course of the story will turn out to compliment the other party.

Also wrong is to try to earn the respect of, or make a good impression by listing all their regalia, awards and the like. Moderate modesty does not harm anyone else. And if some of the achievements I'd like to tell the other person, it is better to bring the conversation around to it so that he asked about it. Then a similar story will not appear boastful. He will become a common answer to the question.

By common mistakes on the first date can be attributed, and expensive gifts, present, as well as their complete absence. It is not necessary to bestow the first meeting the girl, and even more so the young man presents that could put the donee in an awkward position because of their high prices. After all, the right to give expensive gifts when normally developing relationships still need to be earned. Otherwise, it can be regarded somewhat inadequate. For example, a woman may think that a young person wants to buy her these gifts. Young people also can not adequately interpret such generosity.

But even without a present to come on a first date is considered bad form. The most viable option would be flowers from the men and a small, inexpensive souvenir as a reminder of himself from the woman.

And, of course, with a reduction in the first definitely need to take a good mood and friendly smile. Their absence - a gross error, fortunately, rarely allowed.

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