It is life's difficulties, he or gigolo?

It is life's difficulties, he or gigolo?
 Life situations are unpredictable. Sometimes it happens so that the hands are lowered, and even depression can invade. And, of course, a man's life is also full of surprises, sometimes very unpleasant. For example, it can be fired from his beloved work. If you strongly want, then this problem can be solved possible. That's only if he wants to solve it? Or difficulties and nothing to do with luck, and your favorite - a gigolo?

The notion that a man should have a woman, is not unusual. Somehow, the fair sex is considered to be weak, fragile, helpless. Despite the fact that now in any activities women are not inferior to men. But in many rules there are exceptions. And sometimes cavalier is not going to be the protection and support for his lady. On the contrary, he can count on financial security lady.

Only the case when a loved one has agreed to take money from you, does not necessarily mean that he is ready to sit on the neck. Just all have difficulties in life, but they, like all the sorrows and joys, sooner or later pass. Although to know who is next to you: gigolo man or temporary problems, of course, necessary.

Typically, the stronger sex, forced to financially dependent on you, to feel awkward. This can be seen with the naked eye - because he is embarrassed, justified, looking for explanations and said that everything will change soon, he had only to stand up. In this case, it can hardly be called pathetic rather serious person, which is clearly not satisfied with the current situation. Especially, if earlier he had a well-paid and perhaps leadership positions, then it doubly difficult to feel like a freeloader. Therefore, your task is to support a loved one and do not focus on the Time of Troubles. He, more than ever, need to understand and care.

But there is another option. For example, you come home after work and see the following picture: favorite lying on the couch and watching football (reading a book, playing on the computer), and has absolutely happy look. It is not a bit concerned that any contribution to the seemingly total budget it does not. So, life gigolo for him is very convenient. It is possible that it may not be an absolute selfish, and sometimes even make you gifts - at your expense, of course. But the essence remains the same - he likes to spend other people's money, but do not make them.

Examine closely the behavior of the elect, and then make a conclusion - whether to continue our relationship.

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