How to recognize a gigolo

How to recognize a gigolo
 Alphonse - is the name worn by many rulers of Portugal, Naples, Spain, and even a saint who lived in the VIII century. In our country the word gigolo increasingly used as a common noun. Alfonso called men who prefer to prosper and thrive at the expense of women.

Male gigolos can be both high and not very good, both full and thin, they are united by only one thing - they are sleek. As a rule, they have beautiful nails manicured, beautiful hairstyle, dress in expensive garmoniruemye things together and enjoy a nice soft and expensive perfume. Their eyes are full of devotion and admiration for a woman. They are great listeners and interlocutors. In such a man is very difficult not to fall in love, and women fall in love, forgetting all caution and vigilance.

The first and probably the most important feature which distinguishes gigolo from other men - is a complete lack of willingness to spend money. All of his courtship and beautiful words are very romantic, but they do not require financial expenses. Of colors it can give yourself a bouquet of field collected that, oddly enough, women are really like. It avoids the expensive gifts, and instead offers a walk in the moonlight. Meeting with this man often take place on the territory of women, and to him, he does not invite the grounds that all repairs or other suitable plausible excuse.

In the store, going to the box office, he suddenly remembers that he needed to make an urgent call or fakes incoming call, and the restaurant it is removed in the men's room at the very moment when the waiter brings the bill.

In addition, he was constantly interested in the financial affairs of a woman asks about clusters "rainy day", about the size of wages and makes it as if just to take care of the welfare money favorite.

The result of this novel can be very disappointing. In the best case, if a man will gradually pull out money to a woman as long as she does not get bored or if he does not go away, find yourself a better candidate. In the worst case, a man disappears, previously borrowed a woman very large sum of money.

This can be avoided if never, under any circumstances, to pay for her man.

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