How to make your man happy

How to make your man happy
 Happiness is located next to a man - one of the most important conditions of your own. But to make a man happy is only capable of a woman who knows and loves.
 Romance put two people in the position of mutual responsibility, love and fidelity. Happiness has become a major partner in the life of purpose. And if men is more important to create material well-being and provide favorite, women tend to peace of mind and happiness of his favorites.

In order to become your man happy to share his interests. Imagine what the poor fellow, when his love of fishing turns into a scandal in his own house. This does not mean that you need to run for a fishing rod and wear high boots - just let him do what he likes and enjoy each victory. Try to find common interests and do something together. It brought together by you and help men feel liberated.

Leave them a private space. Do not try to be with him every moment, and let's respite breaks. If your man likes to read at night alone, do not deprive it of such a possibility. Hiking in the bath with your friends refer specifically to personal space and not to attempt to get rid of you.

Do not forget about love and tenderness. Even if you are tired at work and children are acting up again - this does not mean that a man should feel abandoned. Romantic Kisses at the meeting, a tender embrace without cause - all this will allow him to feel your love every day.

Let him dominate. The position of head of the family is psychologically very important for men. And even if you do most of its duties, do not include it. If he decided to choose a location for your next vacation - do not criticize and do not refuse him this pleasure.

Follow his wishes. Unfulfilled fantasies often lead to changes. Be relaxed in bed, find out what he would like to discuss the fact that he is not satisfied in the intimate life. Openness and trust you will unite.

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