Sexual Counterrevolution

Sexual Counterrevolution
 The sexual revolution has occurred, but it turned out that the consequences are not too beneficial to society. Early pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS - all these problems must be addressed. Will help sexual counterrevolution? Should there be a pre-marital sex? These questions try to answer sociologists, psychologists, and governments of different countries.

The sexual revolution - this is an accomplished fact. The emergence of contraceptives can help protect against the transmission of various diseases, sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, sexual relationships without commitment today, are not uncommon. In the past, she had every reason to be afraid of sexual contact with a partner who is not trustworthy, as in the case of pregnancy, she could be alone with the unwanted child, and before the invention of antibiotics there is a serious risk - to die in childbirth. For example, some women fear birth, tried to avoid sex, even in marriage.

But today, after several decades of sexual freedom, more people believe that sexual relations should occur only with a partner who is trustworthy. Stating that it is safe sex can not be, even condoms do not give a 100% guarantee, because they can break. Different states, from the United States and ending Uganda introduced educational programs, telling about what to practice abstinence until marriage. Do not observed on the horizon sexual counterrevolution?

Considered to be particularly important to persuade teenagers to conservative views on sex. Problems such as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and pregnancy at too early an age, need to be addressed. An increasing number of cases of sexually transmitted infections, as well as early pregnancies, so some government programs even consider it their duty to introduce teenagers deceived about the true nature of sexual relations.

For example, analyzed 13 educational programs in the United States, and found that only 2 of them give true information, while others "hang noodles on the ears" of teenagers. In particular, some of them say that AIDS is transmitted through sweat and tears, and that pregnancy is possible even from touching the genitals of a partner, and many more such absurd statements. However, according to research, the policy of intimidation has been very effective.

Other studies conducted by the Institute Heritage Foundation on the topic of sexuality and health, they say that every fourth teenager sexually active, infected with diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Also, researchers from this institute argue that teens who had sex before marriage, divorce and experiencing depression are twice as likely than those who practiced abstinence.

But there are opposing views on this subject. Some believe that sexual freedom and democracy are inseparable. Their opponents argue that if society is not governed by morality, then it moves to the decay and degeneration, an example of this - the collapse of the Roman Empire in ancient times, about which it is known that there reigned "anomie".

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