Sex: better late than never

Sex: better late than never
 Today's young people, especially guys, trying to seem modern and active sooner lose virginity. Experts say that this is unnecessary, but it is quite understandable phenomenon.

Earlier, literally in the twentieth century, there was a stereotype for all young people about sex after marriage. A similar phenomenon is allowed to build strong relationships, because were often talk about what caused the disintegration of the family were accusations towards women relative to comfort her intimate before marriage.

Young people "today," explains his excessive sexual activity that every woman should know her future husband in sex before marriage, because there is a risk that she marrying him, disappointed in his "man's abilities." Doctors on the one hand agree, but this should not be a reason constantly having sex with different partners.

Specialists Medical University of London found that the earlier a young man or a young girl begin to have sex, the sooner they stop the development. Yes, and began to actively engage in sexual activity, many students are almost back to school.

Gynecologists together with psychologists have developed a program for young people who reach maturity. The project they have a lot to learn as much as possible about the pros and cons of early sex, well, and, accordingly, draw your own conclusions. The assigned task - to explain to young people that do not need to hurry and take spontaneous actions, because it is primarily an intimate question, and the first of a sexy young man has no place in the doorways.

Psychologists say that not so much this affects hormones like what teens want to grow up quickly, well and show off to friends for the perfect "exploits". But surely it's better late gain first sex than to regret early.

Often, there are also cases opposing it when a mature man is sexually active. Such persons or stiffness, or a large amount of time to work and career. In this situation, sex is better late than never. Love these people seem sophisticated, it's a new experience and discoveries in their lives. And just think of its natural purpose. Afford to sex at the age of 30 - is not only to improve their health, it is also a fundamental change in human life. Life will be rich and warm, and most importantly, that you will feel part of this world. Sex is important in a person's life, the main thing that he came to love. Engage your health!

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