Bitch - it's me?

Bitch - it's me?
 Sometimes it happens that the words dramatically change their meaning. For example, before the word "bitch" means something quite unpleasant things. So could call carrion, corpse or unscrupulous person. Now this word sounds more like a compliment. Bitch became known as self-confident, self-sufficient and beautiful women.

The term "bitch" can be used in two ways. Sometimes referred to as women who are ready to go over the heads in order to achieve their goals. But at the same time considered a bitch and a strong woman.

But in fact, and in another case - a strong personality, bright, outstanding. It can manage people fall in love with men and to be the center of any company. How do you know that you are a bitch? Ask yourself a few questions and if the answers are positive, you can be sure of that. First of all, bitch loves himself. All her actions are aimed at to get your own benefit and comfort in life.

Whether you love yourself? Answer. Only this answer must come from the soul, it can not be ostentatious, should not be for the species. How much do you do for yourself? Or is it your first steps to benefit the others? Bitch is trying to get as much out of life, she uses (not necessarily in a bad way) people and the situation in order to get the benefit. Let a little, but a pleasant one.

Do you yourself and those around you people? This is not about beauty, namely that you have to be pretty much of the people. Bitch is not always beautiful, but she is able to teach yourself so that all admire her. Are you sure that you will succeed? Bitch is rarely questioned. She knows what she wants and goes straight to the selected target.

She has a lot of fans. Can you say the same? Bitch may be lonely, but she always left there are people willing to come to her aid. In general, men. She has few friends. And you? If most of your close people - girls and women, it is unlikely you bitch.

Can you with a smile on his face to experience failure and disappointment, betrayal and brutality? If so, you can be a bitch. After all, they can hide their feelings. No, they also cry, they sometimes depression. But it does not see nobody, or almost nobody. Weak can be, but not in humans, and alone.

Bitch likes to dominate, likes to control. Can you tell about myself the same thing? Do you have enough strength to subdue the man, make him act the way you want? Think about these questions. And if you can say with confidence that you answer them in the affirmative, then you are definitely a bitch.

But in fact, from the clarification of this fact will not change anything. Bitch - this character. And it is unlikely it can be changed. Love yourself for who you are, no matter what. And then it is unlikely you would be interested, you bitch.

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