11 signs of a perfect relationship

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 At the beginning of the relationship always seem ideal. Only after a few months, when love goes blind, you will notice the shortcomings. A thought that really is not all as good as it looked. But relationships like a fairy tale does not really exist, there is always the nuances that have to put up.

When there is doubt as to the ideal relationship, it is necessary to analyze them. Then we can understand how well the future together.
1) Trust. Anyone know that without trust relationships can not be. The second half should be trusted in the future it will help solve many problems.

2) willingness to change. Both have to change in yourself some habits or traits that seem to be the partner disadvantages. Need to adapt to each other.

3) Budget. Control your spending you want to share. Each partner should worry not only their needs. After all, when one wants a fur coat, a second plasma TV, and funds are not enough for both purchase, then you need to prioritize purchases under the arrangement.

4) surprise. With an ideal relationship, the couple always make each other nice show. This could be a bouquet of flowers for the ladies in the most ordinary day or tea cup for men.

5) Joint hobbies. Interest in each other's hobbies is necessary. It's so nice when someone shares your views, not just breakfast and lunch with you.

6) Support. When one person is bad, it feels second, trying to help and reassure. And in any case, do not laugh at the pettiness of the problem.

7) Synchronicity. Often, the ideal couple at the weekend even wake up at the same time.

8) Understand perfectly. To say something, not necessarily to say a lot of words, sometimes enough even look. Both partners often feel desires of each other.

9) Patience. Nobody throws plates and other materials at hand in case of dissatisfaction. All problems can be solved by means of discussion. The complete absence of irritability in a relationship.

10) Respect. Solutions, desires, needs and personal space must be respected partner. No infringement of the correspondence, telephone conversations.

11) Sex. Permanent and quality. Desire comes at a time of both fatigue and migraines do not exist in nature. Unless, of course, the ideal relationship.

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