Love at first sight - a myth?

Love at first sight - a myth?
 There are many works of love. Often in them we find such a thing as love at first sight. "I loved you in that moment when I saw" - this recognition must have heard more than one woman on this earth. But the question is whether such a strong and serious feeling as love arise from the very first glance. Does everyone who says that it is the love experienced in the first meeting, they lie? Let's try to figure it out.

It has long been known that the feeling of love is due to certain hormones in our body. Neurotrophins affect the maintenance of our passion. Most likely, increase the level of neurotrophins in the body and causes in us a feeling that some take for love at the first meeting.

But love - not just passion. With that many will agree. All of us dream of one day to meet a man with whom will live a lifetime shoulder to shoulder. But the passion subsides with time, and if there is no love - a relationship fall apart.

When the level of neurotrophins in the body decreases, there are two possible scenarios: either you completely lose interest in your partner, or the arena goes hormone "oxytocin". It allows us to come to terms with a new type of relationship without feeling frustrated.

So if there is love at first sight? Yes, we can experience some strong feelings for a man already at the first meeting, but it is unlikely it will be love. Those who have already taken place or is in a serious relationship, it is clear that love - is productive work. And there it is not the first, not even at the second meeting. For the formation of the present, a deep sense of time is necessary.

But do not worry those who believe that love at first sight does exist. It is possible that passion and interest that you feel the object of his adoration, will grow into a real, strong and mature love.

Frederic Beigbeder wrote that "the love lives of three years." In fact, she lives as much as we will try to support it. Scientists have proved that true love has a place in your life is, if you believe in your feelings and all the forces willing to extend their hormones will listen to you and behave properly.

So it is with love at first sight - it definitely exists for those who believe in it. If you are experiencing with the first meeting each other gentle and true feelings, then maybe this is love or that it will grow in the future.

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