Top 10 things that annoy men in women

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 From childhood, boys say they have to be strong and to protect the girls. With age, the habit of keeping emotions in themselves remains. That is why women find it difficult to guess what it is not like their elected representatives.

1. No need to constantly point man for his mistakes and shortcomings. If you want to re-elect, it is better to do it gently and unobtrusively. Very few people like that he was unjustly criticized. In addition, it is no longer a child and the right to decide when and what to do.

2. fit of jealousy, to the same ill-founded, could lead to the breakdown of relationships. If it changes, then the showdown to nothing lead. A man will think that you do not have their own interests, but to follow him. And if he is innocent, then you give him a reason to think. Once you think it changes, so be it.

3. Men's annoying when they are constantly pulled over trifles. In some situations, rely only on themselves. For example, select themselves wallpaper in the bedroom or a new sofa. After all, you are an adult and can make their own decisions. Helpless girl that without a man and a step can not become unbearable burden. In what good it will not.

4. Do not remember your past novels. First, you put in the awkward position of his beloved, and secondly, references to former lovers were male as disrespect and dissatisfaction with your relationship. Imagine that your guy will get you to paint his former in detail. At least, resentment and discomfort are guaranteed.

5. Do not regard a man as a source of funds. Most annoying questions about work and income. Anyone wants to be loved for inner peace, and not a purse. Be upfront and the man will answer you the same.

6. Never ask questions encrypted. If you want to know something, ask directly without further intrigue. A man can get lost and become irritable.

7. Do not use sex as a tool of manipulation. Intimacy - a weak spot in men and is a sign of love and affection. Therefore it is better hit it than to threaten refusal to bed.

8. Avoid discussion of the shortcomings of their girlfriends. Such conversations can be regarded as a sign of low self-esteem and complexes. You subconsciously want to eliminate competition.

9. Discussion of the women leave for gatherings with friends. The man does not understand the fashion and cosmetics, so he had nothing to say. Look for topics that are of interest to both of you.

10. acrimony annoying guys. Unexplainable tears put your vote in a deadlock.

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