Life with a woman he does not love

Life with a woman he does not love
 It turns out that life together with unloved woman has many positive sides. With the lady, to which you do not flaming feelings, you can live the most comfortable, cozy and very quiet. Such an existence even appeal to many.

You will not immediately respond to unconditionally every whim unloved wife. It is obvious that seek strawberries in winter or champagne at night you will not run. And is unlikely to get up every morning wake-up call to cook woman coffee in bed.

Feelings of guilt and will not pursue you. In view of this watch football and do not switch the channel on her favorite movie, you can shamelessly. And the story about her problems, you can safely skip past the ears, reproaching himself for such an action.

Yes, sometimes it takes offense, but her resentment you touch a little. Therefore, whatever the quarrel, she will still have to apologize first. And she, too, will put up earlier, because her feelings, unlike yours, strongly affected.

You are not at all afraid to lose this woman, so you do not have any fears about what might happen in the future. This attitude gives you unconditional power over his partner, because you care about her freedom. And even if she suddenly decide to go, you just help to collect things.

You do not touch her feelings, her problems, her failures. Why take to heart the life of a man who does not love me? No doubt, it will definitely help you if need be involved. But it will be a must help, that's all.

Jealousy will not be accompanied by your attitude towards it. Well, what if she's dancing with someone at a party for the second dance? So what that the evening is constantly calling her mobile? But still too far a woman should not be, otherwise you show her what - cold, calculated jealousy.

In daily life, you may have a lot of talking to, because there are many common themes. Sex happens periodically and ordinary. In general, life with the unloved is not so bad. Until then, until suddenly desperately do not want to experience the rugged and beautiful feelings.

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