Let's put up

Let's put up
 Even between loving people there are conflicts. In the quarrels and scandals there is nothing wrong if they are not repeated too often and do not end mutual insults. Psychologists believe that express desires and emotions, even in a raised voice, much better than keeping everything in itself. But how to bring peace to the relationship?

Well, if an hour after a quarrel you both pretend that nothing happened and again vorkuete as doves. However, it happens that skirmish smoothly into the "cold war": you're both intensely silent, stopped sleeping together and strongly demonstrate indifference to each other. In this case you should immediately take action, because such behavior in a pair destroys relationships.

If you were wrong and realize this, you should take the first step itself. This can be difficult, especially if a beloved man managed to hurt hurt you during the conflict.
In this case, psychologists advise to use "I-statements". Start with a description of his feelings: "I am very worried ...", "I always get upset when we fight ..." and so on. D. Then have to reconcile and to end the conflict. In no case did not go to the individual, do not go back to the cause of the conflict and do not discuss the behavior of a loved cheloveka.Pomnite that your goal - to restore good relations, and not to prove their case.

 Can not muster the strength to go to him with words of apology? Write SMS. The test can be anything: from the banal "I'm sorry! "To a short poem, originally composed in honor of your loved one. The main thing that he said. Dialogue - the first step to a truce.

Another good way to make amends - a romantic dinner by candlelight. Take a sheet of drawing paper and draw on it a poster of the beloved. Hang your masterpiece in front of the door so that entering into the house, hero of the occasion once it has encountered. Prepare his favorite dish, beautifully Set the table - your efforts will not go unnoticed.

If you are able to greatly quarrel even for little things and do not know how to stop in time, the best way to avoid major conflicts will be a special password. Come up with a partner and arrange a code word that after you zamolknete for a minute, even during a major scandal. This time, it is enough to bring thoughts in order and try to solve the problem peacefully.

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