How to achieve the desired love

How to achieve the desired love
 Make love impossible. Love need to grow in your heart, then others will feel it and project onto you. Of course, you can achieve sympathy, benevolence, respect - is the foundation of good relations. But love - it's a real work; because it does not fall down from the ceiling, it is necessary to constantly cultivate.
 If you are going to sit all day at home watching television and reading magazines, perhaps your favorite comes to you and knock on the door. And if you move your magazine at least on a bench in the park, the probability of meeting a man will be more. But in general, is much more efficient to operate than sit still and humbly wait for her prince.

Do not hesitate to talk to people that you like, but be discreet, soft and careful words. Do not criticize the guys - it will cause them to defend themselves, to rise in defense of their honor. These shortcomings reacted with understanding, be indulgent. But dignity mark.

As stated by Sigmund Freud, the basis of human behavior are two motives: sexuality and desire to become great. Man feels the need to be significant. If it is you really like it, surround it with care, admire his enthusiasm, talent, intelligence. Remember that men tend to be more scrupulous in their self-esteem than women.

Talk to the guy about his desires. Be interested in what he wants to achieve in life, what he wants. Great if you can assist him in the implementation of any of its ideas. Support his undertakings, and in case of failure let him know that failure - it's just a step towards the objective, the source of valuable experience.

Try to "play" with the guy. For example, one day be "good", smile, flirt, admire them. And the next day suddenly disappear. So you get guys crave to meet you, to achieve this. And at the same time you will have time to relax with each other.

Call a man by the name, because the name - the sweetest sound to humans. Do not distort the name, say it clearly, but without stress, gentle voice. Give the other person feel that he is to you not just a nameless faceless entity, but personality, communication with which you cherish.

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