He loves my appearance and only

He loves my appearance and only
 Many women want to be beautiful. But some women who have a good appearance on the nature, oddly enough, there are often various complexes. One of them is that it seems as if a man likes only their appearance.

If you really love your partner and do not want to part with him, despite the fact that you are constantly tormented by the thought that he really does not love you, and your face and figure, try to overestimate their attitude to the problem.

First, consider how long are your relationships. Men pay attention only to the exterior only during dating and in the beginning of a relationship. If you have been together for a long time, so he was able to get to know you are close enough to think that it holds only your appearance, stupid. The man will not live as long, even with the most beautiful woman in the world, if it is to irritate him by his behavior, character, or something else.

Second, think about how your partner react when I saw you in the normal everyday situations. For example, when you are sick, and forces monitor their appearance you did not have. If he reacted in the same way as usual, took care of you, it means he likes you, not your beauty.

Third, look at how responsive your beloved when you appear in a fairly open fitting dress in front of other men. If it does not boasts what his beautiful girl and silent or jealous, it means that he is afraid of losing you and love is not your beauty.

Fourth, evaluate yourself as a person. Write down all your positive qualities than good looks at a piece of paper. Carefully review all of your dignity and think, how can it be that a man loves you just look?

If you did not manage to convince themselves or partner really loves only your appearance, try to realize themselves in some case. Having achieved success, you will increase your self-esteem, emphasize the independence and be able to attract a lover as a person. If after all of this will remain as before, think, and whether life is worthy of you a superficial man, unable to see your inner world?

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