Burning Secret Seduction

Burning Secret Seduction
 Reduce man mad - as it sounds attractive, but in practice it seems almost impossible. Yes, of course, you can drive him crazy account of a clothing store or news that you will spend the weekend in the company of your mother, but you do not want it. So how do you become to his beloved fatal seductress, at the mere sight of which he was speechless?

Rule one - the atmosphere. This includes not only candles, dim lights and a quiet romantic music. You must clearly understand that there are situations in which any seduction techniques will look blurry and uninteresting. For example, do not try to seduce a man, if he returned home after the daily duty hungry, tired and had not slept for a long time. At best, your behavior will cause him mild surprise, but rather, he simply did not notice. Therefore, choose a good time, that's half of your success.

Rule number two - the right look. Men love with their eyes, so give your favorite opportunity to look at all that he would receive. But here, too, of course, has its own quirks. Do not get too much denude - is, oddly enough, is not such a strong effect, as one might expect. Much more exciting acts partially covered. You can only identify their most desirable place without opening them explicitly. Male fantasy works fine here and let pofantaziruet about how to unbutton your blouse or a pat knee slit skirt. Remember - attracts hidden. A woman who has everything in sight, is not that interesting.

Use exciting flavors. No need to pour from head to toe perfume or oils containing aphrodisiacs, you just light, subtle scent. There are scents that are considered aphrodisiac in the world: it is jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, neroli and chocolate. Try experimenting with these flavors. This will add new notes of your relationship and help awaken your sensuality.

Do not be afraid to be different and unpredictable. If you live together long ago have thoroughly studied each other, come up with something that will surprise your man. Open the door to him completely naked, but in high heels and a burgundy rose in the loose hair. Such a move will thrill any man (only, of course, make sure that the landing no one else to inadvertently not excite any neighbor).

Take a bubble bath together. Never done this before? Very vain. Bath soothes, reducing strain and returns energy after a long day. And if you take it together, you will experience an incomparable experience. Love can go straight into the water, and, having got out of the bath, continue to have a soft little bed. Is not it romantic?

Burning seductress does not have to be depraved and aggressive. You can become soft and sensual, affectionate and caring, and can, on the contrary become a passionate tigress up to you. Remember, the main thing - your mood and sparkle in her eyes. After all, the most exciting for any man - to see the desire in his eyes the woman he loved.

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