What you are looking for a man

What you are looking for a man
 Millions of girls dream to meet a handsome prince, which will be easy to build a strong and reliable family. Many prospective brides pay attention only to the intellect and the future looks darling, forgetting about the various intricacies and peculiarities of his character. For right choice of a life partner, you must first know yourself well. Thus, you will see a man looking for.  

If you're a girl active and organized, a leader by nature, then you will approach a calm and kind man who will support you and all your undertakings. On the basic character traits you do quite impulsive and self-confident person, but still without the psychological make-up you can not do and that it can become your partner. Will suit you also similar in nature to you man - a leader and soul of the company. It will perfectly understand your actions, approve them or give advice. However, the disadvantage of such a union again serve as your similarities, because due to the same outlook on life you can quickly become uninteresting to each other.

If you are a person timid and indecisive, then for a successful marriage you need to look strong-willed, self-confident man who will push you to action, will help solve the accumulated problems. This form of relationship can serve as the basis for a perfect marriage, in which man will be the undisputed head of the family, and you - his right hand. However, never settle for the offer man in whom not sure until the end. Received a stamp in your passport, it can turn into a family tyrant.

If you belong to the so-called wives-mothers who constantly need someone to take care of and maintain, look timid and shy man. He will love you and respect, even if it does not outwardly showing. Will suit you lonely romantic who wants to find a girl like her mother.

Do not look for a man similar to you on the type of thinking and temperament. You can become good friends, but marrying quickly disappointed in each other. This is the similarity will cause fading interest in each other and the search for new sensations on the side.

Do not go to extremes. No need to look for the exact opposite of me: with your chosen temperaments should be close, but not identical. Do not draw a portrait of the real man himself as a future husband, do not give their own illusions, or you will be disappointed.

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