Ways to make a man go away forever

Ways to make a man go away forever
 Find the man of her dreams, it would seem, is not easy. You spend hours in the gym and beauty salons, buy beautiful dresses, studied psychology of human communication. And then, one night, you get to know the guy, spend some time with him and realize that he is not what we need. So how to get rid of man and make him go away forever?
 Start, perhaps, is an explanatory conversation. Try to convey to your mate that you are not a pair, in advance, of course, necessary to prepare a number of convincing arguments. For example, say you have different views on the future, that you love the other, or you want to quickly get married, and he does not even think about it. If the policy does not work, you need to act more aggressively.

The most important rule - to ignore. Remember, anything you want to tell him you said, it is not necessary to respond to the provocation. Do not respond to phone calls or letters in social networks, do not open the door uninvited guests. Seeing your indifference, the man is likely to calm down and leave you.

Start a new relationship. This is the easiest way to get a man to leave forever. Firstly, not all of males can simply change, and, secondly, to shift the problem to your new companion, so it is something like a man, be able to understand the situation.

If the behavior of the annoying fan over the edge, and he begins, for example, to dismiss his hands, and next to you there is no one that can protect you, immediately contact the police. With similar situations not to be trifled.

For assistance you can go to his family, as if a man does not understand your words, perhaps they will understand his mother or sister and they have, in turn, will have an influence on him.

If you want to have it decided to leave on their own, create for him intolerable conditions of existence near you. In this case, you must take into account the peculiarities of his character, and to do all that so irritates him. For example, you can exhaust its endless conversations about your relationship, too patronize him to intervene in its affairs, to put before the choice between work and family and so on. So, the man himself is ready to give up on you.

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