Techniques to charm men

Techniques to charm men
 Men consider themselves hunters and women, respectively, of their prey. But this is not always the case. And frequent cases where the victim - that man. And for that he was in a network of women, it is necessary to use all the techniques of charm.  

Every man likes a certain type of women. Someone demure someone bitches. But most still enjoy playing the hunter and prey. Therefore, we first determine what women like your elect little Adjust your behavior, and start a game of cat and mouse.

Of course, do not have to change dramatically. If a man like housewives, treat him pie own production, even if you bought it in the next cooking. If a man like aggressive ladies, do not forget the red lipstick, high heels and a short skirt. Slightly change its image.

When all the necessary preparations are committed, start his charm. Do not forget to smile often, so you show him your location. Always listen carefully to the man. Do not forget to occasionally tell him compliments. A rare man can resist the woman concerned, which also recognizes his talents.

Touch it. Start with the fact that will remove invisible speck of dust from his shoulder. A few days later correct his collar or sleeve. As often as possible, refer to the man in the eye, and when he notices it looks down shyly. Try to keep the toe of your shoe always looked in his direction. This is a good psychological move.

Do not be pushy and do not force events. When a man will offer you an appointment, give up, hesitate. So you whetted his desire even more. Can repeatedly mention their fans or to show evidence that you are interesting to many. But do not forget to tell and that the fan you are not interested. Otherwise, you may find it occupied and the relationship will be different.

Adapts to the man. Copy his gestures, postures and breathing rhythm. So on a subconscious level, you make yourself more attractive to men. Just do not repeat after them all, as in a mirror. This is ridiculous.

Do not fall immediately into his arms, first kindle his passion, let him feel like a hunter. After some time, agree on a date with him, but do not let it get too much in the first meeting. When the victim immediately gets into the snare, all interest is lost. And perhaps, if you agree to have sex once, it will last your meeting.

To charm a man is not so difficult - act competently and consistently, do not switch from object to object. Select one candidate and go to the end.

And most importantly - men do not like stupid, limited and untidy women. Therefore, we first give himself up, do some self-education, or visit a few courses. It does not matter if you have the extra pounds. Many men do not interfere. Scary if you do not try to grow, do not want to constantly improve themselves.

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