How to dress for a first date

How to dress for a first date
 The first date for a woman - it's always the excitement and the desire to look as good as possible. How to keep, what to talk about and, most importantly, what to wear? How to create your own unique image and please a man?

If you are going on a first date, are not allowed in the extreme. Yes, men like girls in mini-skirts, they will celebrate the daring neckline, high heels, mesh tights. However, bright and showy clothes may elect to bring the idea that in front of him - particularly limited, having no taste. You should not flaunt enough unbuttoned the top button on the blouse or long slit on the skirt.

Do not wear too expensive items, jewelry and accessories. If a man has an average prosperity, it might scare him - not everyone is able to match the elegant woman.

Excessive simplicity is also not necessary. Coarse cloth, things unisex, baggy cut, heavy boots and caps can turn the most charming girl in the teen indeterminate sex.

The best option - flowing or velvety fabrics, soft colors, smooth, adjacent lines of the silhouette. Prefer femininity and naturalness. Be careful with ornaments, comply with the measure.

No need to wear on a first date new things that you have not worn. You can not know how they will not be there to rub armpits, there will not puff shoulders, not zacheshetsya whether the skin of wool or synthetics. New shoes can rub his leg, and then the evening will definitely be spoiled.

Clothing should fit well and be in size. You can not wear clothes that are too small, as it did not want to pull the extra folds - is uncomfortable and unsightly.

Conversely, too big clothes can give a figure baggy look. About chic and elegant here, however. Hide figure flaws (namely full of women prefer loose clothing) can, by choosing the appropriate style.

Beautiful underwear - a must! And not because you are going to engage in sexual intercourse on the first night. Suitable bra will help give the breast a beautiful shape and comfortable panties will not be disturbed. High-quality underwear woman gives confidence in his charm. And it does not matter whether a man knows what to wear under a woman's dress.

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