Sex as a fitness

Sex as a fitness
 You do not have enough time to hike to the gym or fitness classes? In fact, pump up the body and spend a lot of calories can be a very pleasant way. While having sex in various positions in both partners worked out different muscle groups. Spend at least half an hour for exercise love every day, and a month later you will see visible results.

Elaboration of certain muscles during sex depends on your chosen posture. Let's see what exactly posture best suited for fitness purposes. The first and most traditional posture - missionary. Commonly referred to as the laziest position, because the woman does not have to perform any action. However, even in the missionary position woman can be nice to work your abdominal muscles. When the partner puts pressure on you from above, you intuitively allot body back that requires muscle tension press. In addition, the missionary position allows the man or woman to work fine muscles of the buttocks. The more active you are cutting these muscles during intercourse, the more will hurt your buttocks on the next day.

The second popular po- sitions is the position of the back or doggy-style. As is the case with the missionary position, in Doggie-style woman has to keep balance on all fours due to stress in the press. In addition, this position can be a good idea to pump up the quads and glutes. If a woman put hands on the bed and the wall in front of him, then during intercourse will be pumped muscles of the shoulders, arms and upper body.

Next position, which is preferred by many women - this is the position from the top. In this position the woman's legs dropped on the floor or on the bed. Woman makes movement similar to riding a horse in which tense lower abs and pelvis. For a more intense pace woman from time to time raised above partner cycling muscles of the buttocks, legs and thighs. In general, it is in position on top of a woman spends the maximum amount of calories for sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse in the upright position is for partners the most difficult task. A man must be strong enough to lift and hold a woman. If a woman standing on one leg, the muscles of the legs are experiencing enormous pressure as the abdominals. If a woman hugging legs partner, then it will need strong arms to keep from falling. If the same person partners in one direction, then in the case come the same muscles as in the pose of Doggie-style - the abdominals and arms.

In general, the more complex your chosen position, the more muscles will be involved in it. The most effective, in terms of fitness, posture - this bridge pose, like when a woman makes the bridge on the bed or the floor, and the posture of scissors, which requires partners uncommon flexibility.

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