Errors strong love

Errors strong love
 You fell in love! The world smiles at you, fortune favors and all difficulties after what. Often, in love, we do not notice anything around and commit errors unpleasant for us.

Love is like a strong obfuscation. It is fixed idea - following you everywhere, anytime of the day or night. Undoubtedly, this flight of the soul, a wonderful feeling that everyone should experience. But, being in a state of euphoria, we make a series of actions, which would not have been better.

Very often idealize his chosen girl. He is the kindest, the most powerful, the most intelligent. It was such a hero, he was represented in the girls' dreams and dreams. And when the feelings have subsided gradually float all the bad habits and flaws that are beginning to enrage, irritate and put out. And if the girl and noticed some small flaws in the behavior and character of the young man, she expects it to either re endure these little flaws, because she loves him so much. Need good judgment, at least try to look at the world objectively, not through rose-colored glasses.

The second common mistake - to devote himself entirely to him alone. Girls in a period of deep love forget about their friends and girlfriends, filling all the free time his chosen one. Are you ready to make any sacrifice just to see more of him and be around. Hardly a guy will appreciate it, just be considered as a matter of course.

Girl entirely open guy. Not having to go home after the meeting, she does not listen at the door with her hands scribbling SMS about how much has already missed and is looking forward to the next meeting. About all more or less the events in her life, she hastens to share with him. Men by nature are not interested in too sincere and open girl. You need to play with them, prevaricate, give ambiguous answers. They then wakes hunter instinct - they are ready to win.

Women often take the initiative in their hands. Yes, of course, on the XXI century. We have long wave of emancipation and feminism. But better to be fragile, small and defenseless creature, which cared for, groomed and nurtured than workhorse with the slogan: "I myself". In this situation, the two extremes: either man sit on the neck, or is always unhappy that decide everything for him. Anyone, especially the male must have at least some responsibility.

Holy faith in the power of love - another misconception. One love relationship can not be built. In relations play an important role support, understanding, respect for each other. They always require new resources and influences. And if something does not work, it is worth considering what you are missing for happiness. Perhaps you do not match each other, and the problem is not that you are not much like each other. Love is love, but the relationship - is primarily a partnership and cooperation.

Until a man in love is very difficult to reach. White sees black and black - white. All tips and advice on the relationship, he will perceive a hostile reception, so in love affairs can only learn from your mistakes.

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