Eroticheskie role play: a way to diversify sex life

Eroticheskie role play: a way to diversify sex life
 Bored in intimate life? All monotonous and depressing? Loving each other people will always find a way out, rather than just "take a walk on the side." Experiments always add bright colors in their sexual lives, and why not try, for example, role-playing games?

So whether such games like men? Worth checking out, but do not be afraid to get used to the role. In any sex shop you can choose a costume from a schoolgirl, ending vamp. Do you know the most secret desires of men? What are the sexual roles they prefer?

1. The nurse and the patient.
In any hospital people can deliver the pain, but man wants to hear the word "undress" entirely for other purposes. Only pleasure can deliver pretty nurse in a short robe and stockings. Your man will be just crazy about that image.

2. The teacher and the student.
The first men's fantasies cause comely young teacher in their school, so feel free to translate this idea into reality. Rough sex becomes a kind of revenge for the put a bad evaluation, so that such a school in bed is capable of very spice up your love life.

3. Business woman and employee.
What is so male leads this image? Of course, all men - hunters and inaccessible than production, so it becomes more desirable. Domineering and strong woman - a great trophy for this knight. Sex in such a manner is simply unforgettable.

4. The maid and the client.
The desire for sex with the maid explained quite simply. After all, the maid - servants, who knows that "the customer is always right." She works hard to please and satisfy all requests. And it should be sexy and beautiful. You can change the bed linen, clean the dust, standing on high heels. Your man will be simply enthralled.

5. An innocent angel and a mortal man.
Forbidden fruit is always sweet. Angel - is pure and undefiled being unrelated to sex under any pretext. Man will seduce you in the role of an angel gently and tenderly, to enjoy intimacy with him carefully. It will make a special element of romance to your bedroom.

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