15 most ridiculous laws about sex

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 If you dig in the laws, there are ridiculous and irrelevant for a long time. Among them are those relating to sexual relations. Reading them, you can not make a constitution, but rather a collection of anecdotes.

1. bestiality. In some countries allowed sex with animals, especially in the Middle East. The only "but" - after sex your partner can not eat.

2. A Lebanese man can make love only with animals, females. For disobedience offender may lose their lives. Incidentally, in the Hindu scriptures there is mention of religious figures who have sex with animals. And at the temple in Khajuraho there are sculptures of people having sex with animals.

3. Pro women's loyalty to you probably heard more than once? Wife should be faithful to her husband and his alone. In one of the cities of Colombia similar law. However, on their wedding night two people in the bedroom is not enough. The process must observe the newly formed and mother-in-law, apparently, to help newlyweds advice.

4. At all times, mothers daughters asserted: "Before the wedding - no, no! ". But on the island of Guam to marry a virgin does not work. For local ladies even introduced a special service: employees - defloratora go to the bride and help ladies to get rid of the "extra load".

5. Tired of breath husband? Excellent opportunity to deny him in the performance of marital debt. That is what makes a resident of Minnesota. Sensing the smell of onions or garlic from a spouse, they have every right to refuse loved sex. At least until you brush your teeth.

6. Here in Minnesota, men can not sleep with the fishes. The ladies as it does not apply.

7. In Arizona, for one family should not have to more than two dildos in the house.

8. In Florida, sex is allowed only in the missionary position. But lovers of diversity will be recognized outside the law.

9. And in Connecticut and Colorado can not kiss his beloved wife in his sleep on Sundays.

10. Women of Ohio are not patent-leather shoes / Gotomu if contrive, you can see through them reflected lingerie mistress.

11. Swedish fotokabinkah can not be photographed completely naked. But it is possible by parts separately bottom, top separately. And then assemble a collage and photo in the style of "nude" is ready.

12. In Texas, there is a law prohibiting the pigs to have sex at the airport. Apparently loving pigs at the plane is not uncommon for the Texans.

13. In Kentucky, a woman can not appear in a bathing suit on the roadway without two policemen.

14. A foul language during the act is punishable in Oregon.

15. In Iowa, a man can do no more than three sips of beer while he has sex.

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