You left me to get off the race, but not crazy

You left me to get off the race, but not crazy
 Woman - being sensitive, gentle and receptive. Even if she tries to hide it carefully, sooner or later it will have to admit, and nothing can be done about it. So it is arranged. So when a woman throws a man (and even more so favorite), all somehow loses its meaning and becomes colorless in her life. And not to get crazy, you need to be able to put their priorities and proper care.

Always hurt when thrown relatives and loved ones. It does not matter how it happened and under what circumstances. You build joint plans (maybe even wanted to get married), spent a lot of time together, you may be familiar with all of his friends, parents, you love each other, you were good together. And one day your love idyll ceases to exist, and everything suddenly collapsing like a house of cardboard. Psychologically, it is certainly very difficult to accept and to understand. For a while, you but pain, resentment and hatred do not feel. All thoughts are only one question: "How could this happen? How come? "And" what did I do wrong? ".

You do not want to go ahead, lose the desire and the desire to develop, communicate with people, to learn, to walk and enjoy life. It seems that you have never and no one will meet on your life's journey. In actual fact, all that you feel after breaking up with a man, it is normal for a person with a more or less healthy psyche. You just need to be able to experience it right, do not turn completely natural situation into a worldwide tragedy, not to hurt yourself in the future.

To begin, try to accept the situation. Your loved one is gone, he does not love you more, disillusioned, left permanently in another country or gone to another. In a word, he threw you. Understand that you are now free (not alone, but is free), you now live without this person and do not make unnecessary illusions. You will need to realize that there are no eternal relationships that separation - it is the same natural process, as well as love. Your separate ways, and each will go from now on his way.

Stop blaming yourself after an unpleasant parting, because in the future it can cause serious complexes, from which it will be very difficult to get rid of. Do not look for flaws in themselves to explain why a man you threw. You broke up just because your relationship came to an end, they are exhausted, and you should move on. Do not take revenge and do not be angry with a man, even if he did, how you feel towards you ugly or cruel. You should be grateful to him for the nice and good moments that gave it to you, for communication, emotion, a sense and life experience, which is generally priceless.

Once you have managed to cope with all this, when you have plenty wept (weep, do not worry - this is useful), you can now begin to live their full life, only without him, alone. Believe me, it is full of even more pleasant and joyful moments, events and new experiences. And remember, that men always come back to where it was good, warm and cozy. That's just you have at the moment it will not need to.

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