Why praise a man?

Why praise a man?
 It is considered that praise and compliments are exclusively women, strong sex is not necessary. But it is not. Men also want to get the approval and assessment of their actions.
 Every day we are faced with small and big trouble. It turns out women are more resistant to emotional turmoil. That's why men need compliments, encouragement and support. They charge the stronger sex energy, raise self-esteem, program success and inspire feats. Whatever men do, be sure to praise him for his intelligence, talent, grace, strength, the ability to quickly find a way out of this situation.

Even self-sufficient and self-confident gentleman in need of constant verbal confirmation of its best qualities. A man can not admit it out loud, but on a subconscious level he craves flattering words and approval by the ladies.

Of course, compliment compliment strife. What a pleasure to hear women do not always fit men. No need to praise his eyes and lips, it is best to pay attention to pumped up torso, broad shoulders and muscular arms. The man did not appreciate the praise made to the tie, shirt or suit. Focuses attention not on garments, and on how well it looks in a suit, or as it is this color.

The intimate sphere - an important part of the life of every man. Be sure to make a compliment for your loved one at the moment of mutual satisfaction and happiness. It is necessary first of all to young representatives of the stronger sex.

If you want to help your husband with the household chores - praise it. If a man does not receive a positive response from you and not feel the approval of his actions, he comes to the following conclusion: if no one needs, then why do something.

There is a small caveat. Men, unlike women, do not perceive the fact of a compliment, and its semantic content. Therefore, they need to praise carefully, clearly and in fact. For example, your cavalier do something around the house - and then you tell him what he had done.

If the compliment - just a collection of empty words, man does not perceive it properly. At best, it simply does not react to it, at worst, begin to suspect you of anything because of undue generosity of your praise.

But when the warm words spoken frankly, they become a real balm for men's souls. At such times, a man willing to do anything to hear them again. Using praise and compliments with the mind, you can achieve excellent results in the development of positive qualities of your beau, which undoubtedly will benefit both.

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