That we should not tell a woman

That we should not tell a woman
 The phrase "Shut up, woman! "Has long been familiar to the ear and causes no irritation, no desire to argue uttered his individual male. But there is a phrase that is almost always caused women to mistrust and subsequent quarrel, and sometimes the final rupture of relations.

My mom does it better

Moreover, it is literally everything: my mom cooks better soup, cleans, irons, sings looks. Sometimes the mother is in place sister, first love, ex-wife, but my mother - is the undisputed leader in all and in all. Compete with her mother loved her husband absolutely useless - even if you are the chef's most famous restaurants, and the gold medal championship laundry, cleaning and ironing occupy all the walls in your home. Mama - Mama is. And this is the explanation: childhood memories - the most persistent memories in a person's life. And as a child everything seems most good, tasty, pleasant, joyful - and these "rosy" memories stay with a person forever. However, despite this man who wants to keep the peace in the family need to hold back and not get his beloved wife is a phrase, or a response can hear "Well then ... go to my mom! ". And then - you will either apologize or ... go to my mother.

Before the wedding, you were beautiful

This phrase tells the woman that the girl's beauty was gone forever. That might follow after this phrase, especially if it is repeated often enough - it's frightening to assume. Women will never accept or forgive her husband of such a phrase. And the man who allows himself to talk to his wife such a word is respect. Time goes by and it does not let anyone: all grow old, and especially women, who are often upset husbands. All wrinkles, under-eye circles, dull hair and stuck to her - it's not all the signs of a happy family life, are the responsibility of man. Tolerate such an attitude for life is capable of a very limited number of women and men can always get a chance to look for someone more attractive.

Where did you make my ...

... Tie, glasses, shirt, socks, cigarettes, hammer. The list is endless. The man who touched his wife issues such as living in the house guest of the hotel - it does almost nothing, nothing interesting, and only waiting to be served. Otherwise, he would know exactly what it clean things lie on the second shelf of the cabinet, ironed shirts hanging in a nearby office, cigarettes on the table in the hallway, a hammer in the toolbox on the mezzanine, and goggles on his forehead. But his wife always knows exactly where it all - she washes, cleans, irons, buys nails. And suffering - but only up to a point.

What are you, stupid?

This phrase can hear any woman instead of a clear answer to your question. For the record: no one can know everything. And if a man in this way answers the question, it characterizes it as ill-mannered and rude person. Rudeness few people like, and one day the phrase "What are you, stupid? "A woman can say" no, so I'm with you divorce. "

There is a sufficient number of phrases that can bring a woman to a white heat, and encourage the breakdown of relationships. But whether or not they say, if you really love your wife and want a happy and peaceful family life.

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