Terribly familiar? Want to know why?

Terribly familiar? Want to know why?
 And here again the beautiful stranger swam past you ... And you did not have time to greet her at least. Or - if you're a girl - by you, it is important stalked gallant gentleman, and with your lips did not fall a single word. Why do young men and women so terribly familiar?

Of course, in my youth all the fears seem exaggerated. It is connected with the age-related changes in the psyche and appearance, and fear the opinions of others, and stereotypes, vaccinated in childhood. For example, that on the street to get acquainted indecent, and the first girl to approach and speak to the guy - even moral like death. But it would be interesting to conduct a survey among parents of boys and girls who are still following such "beliefs" and know they met, somewhere? Most likely, are not at a diplomatic reception (although this option can not be excluded).

As well as twenty, thirty, fifty years ago, young people learn on the street, at the dance, public transport and then create a strong and supportive family for many years. Therefore, these stereotypes only work if the intentions of wanting to meet you, really, is not the most honest. But for now, consider the case where the most coveted (want) maintains complete silence, with all the forks trying to come up with an excuse to not hesitate to approach your favorite girl or vending young man.

"Not so understand" - this is the flip side of everyday stereotype of impropriety dating situation is fashionable reception when young people are familiar with each other's relatives, known pursuing goals. Not so understand? So he or she, too, through a notorious man who is afraid of his own shadow, or even building (building) of the royals themselves. And why then worry if this is certainly not the eternal love at first sight?

Another kind of fear, debilitating young people when trying to meet - the rejection of their appearance or character traits. But here and everything is clear: who will love a man who himself does not like? Therefore, go to the beautician, psychologists, nutritionists, in the end, if you do not want to change for the better on their own.

And probably the most irrational fear - fear of the people around them. Yes im that, in fact, what should be the case to what is going on in your heart? You have something in their case does not climb. And then, everyone is really busy usually only themselves and their feelings and not paying any attention to the other, as long as it does not concern him. So do not be shy and come to you like a stranger (stranger), smile and say, "Hello! Can I meet you? ".

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