Recognition of treason "for" and "against"

Recognition of treason "for" and "against"
 Betrayal - the cause of the crisis in the relations of many couples are not uncommon. It changes people have different attitudes, but more often negative. Some believe that there is nothing wrong with change, but most believe that there is nothing worse and worse betrayals. If this actually happened, whether recognized. Perhaps it is best to hide all and continue to live on.  

So cheating took place, and conscience does not sleep well. Maybe we should repent of their deeds and ease the soul? Guilt is so severe that a person decides to confess everything, despite the risk of losing a partner or destroy the family. Before you make a confession of treason, should think, so whether it is necessary and what the consequences might be.

There are several reasons that push people to take a desperate step. Firstly, some are absolutely sure that the secret will be revealed, and there is no reason to hide treason. Second, many believe that in the case of voluntary recognition of a partner will appreciate an honest acknowledgment and then forgive. But often such recognition is just manipulation, which does not guarantee that a person is really realized the error and continue to never go "to the left". The third reason is often a desire for revenge partner to deliver the pain and suffering of indifference, contempt, past betrayal, etc.

Sometimes the price is very high treason. Family crumbling before our eyes, people disagree and continue to suffer without each other. There are cases where the recognition of treason provoked a revival of relations that have become commonplace and boring. In the second half there is a desire to change everything and start over. It does happen that feelings are then tightened and stronger.

There are many reasons for treason and the subsequent recognition of it. If your life is still cheating occurred, then before you decide on recognition should realize the reasons and motives that push you into it.
There is no single answer to the question of whether to admit infidelity. And in one, and in the second variant of the answer has its positive and negative sides. It happens that recognition helps to understand people in their relations, to find a way in this situation and keep the family together. In other cases, the recognition becomes the main reason for the gap, as the partner does not know how to survive treason and continue to live with the traitor.

In any case, making a decision, it is necessary to think first about the partner and his feelings about what emotions he will experience in doing so. If it takes him suffering, and you do not want it, it is better to leave it in secret and try not to make mistakes in the future.

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