Love is harmful?

Love is harmful?
 "Falling helpful! "- Says the Wizard of" Ordinary Miracle ". However, further developments when the poor Princess almost died of boredom (now would call it a fashionable word "depression") showed that the allegations of the use of unconditional love can be questioned. What are the dangers of this condition?

Two or three centuries ago love is often called "Lovesick" and refers to it as a disease, and a disease that can bring not only mental but also physical suffering. Especially when it comes to love unrequited. Indeed, love is sometimes virtually indistinguishable from acute neurosis or (in severe cases) manic-depressive psychosis.

Mood swings from euphoria to tantrums, decreased performance (What kind of work, when all thoughts of one!), Excitement, insomnia and appetite ... In the blood is ejected with a fair amount of adrenalin, palms sweat or grow cold, pupils dilate, the heart beats faster, and at the very impressionable, and the temperature may rise.

Of course, such "shake-up" do not go to the body without a trace. Love at the physiological level - it's always stress (though sometimes such a nice!). And its consequences can be very different, ranging from reduced resistance to infectious diseases to endocrine malfunction or heart attacks. Such extreme cases as suicide on the background of rejected love, or suddenly had doubts that the feelings are mutual, and even we are not talking.

And what is now caring for the health of escape from love? Perhaps, after all, not worth it. First of all, love (even unrequited) still gives us a lot of positive emotions - at least from the contemplation of the object of passion. Secondly, it is a powerful stimulus to creativity and self-development (which just do not go, if only passion looked at you with admiration!). Well, in the end, where love - there and kisses. And kissing, according to doctors, is uniquely useful: they stress is removed, and easy to develop, and even train the facial muscles, thereby preventing the formation of wrinkles. Yes, and Princess Bear with her after the kiss in the end all was well.

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